Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Door Closure

Well I finally got the code mostly working for the door closure problems I was having. It seems the door optics like to pulse on and off when in a closed state. The game now starts with the door closed and I can press a key to simulate opening the door. However, I cannot yet get back to a closed door without restarting.

Still this is important, since it allows me to test the coin-in optics now. The machine tends to bypass the coin detection when the door is open, so having it closed now will help in debugging.

The door closure also allowed me to see for the first time the "attract mode" animation on the cards. As you can see in the picture, the face cards animate when the game is idle, assuming you have the option set to do so in the operator setup.

Time to figure out the coin-in sequence now. Its obviously an important feature to implement.

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ScottDolan said...

Hey, I developed code for the S-Plus that is fully functional. The S-Plus and PE+ are pretty much the same board. Would you be interested in talking and possibly exchange knowledge.

Scott Dolan