Friday, October 12, 2007

Layout with Lamps

I've done a bunch of things since the last post. I mapped all the output devices to either lamps or output calls. With that I then created a layout file for displaying some of the lamps while playing. The little red square in the upper right corner is the change request light. Overall, these new lamps should help debug some areas a little better.

I found some problems with the way I did paged mode addressing to external ram. With those changes my memory model cleaned up considerably. All cmos data is now in one block #000-fff.

With the cmos memory now organized properly, I was able to load it on driver init with preset values. This let me populate the machine with things like max coins in, current denomination, background color, music choice, game type, drop door, bill acceptor, double up, animation, paytable and deal speed. I noticed I started getting the little "RESTART" and "GAME OVER" text on screen now. This is a good sign. That area of screen was not painting before, and usually tells the operator what has happened recently.

I was able to remove one code hack that was testing cmos memory but failing. That code now runs without errors.

Finally, I created a child driver for the rom set "Set038" that I was testing with earlier. This new driver is called "peset038", but still contained in the same file "peplus.c".

I am still having trouble debugging the door sensors, and I believe I will need to tackle the eeprom soon. There are still areas of game code that need hacks removed, and they relate to the eeprom.

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