Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Driver problems

Well, this driver is not gonna be a slam-dunk in any means. There is a lot to learn about how MAME drivers work. I found a few games that use 8051/8052 cpus and others with AY-8912 sound and others with SY6545 type video processors. With that I cobbled together a basic driver that displays a startup screen!

I didn't confirm the proper cpu speeds but can do that once things start to partially work. I just used values other people did so the timing is somewhat correct. I noticed 2 different crystals on the motherboard, one marked 20.000 and the other marked 3.684. They probably correspond to the cpu and sound chips but could also be used in the timing of the serial port (which I think is used to relay progressive jackpot information).

Well the driver doesn't work past the title page. It bombs out a lot with memory violations. I'm gonna need to figure out a lot more on how memory is divided in the cpu.

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